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Abamecha farm is located in a native forest reserve in Limu.

Growing naturally among the trees are some of the healthiest and happiest coffee plants you’ll see anywhere in the World.

The farm was purchased 7 years ago by Haider Abamecha, who has been in the coffee industry his entire life. Haider recognised the growing interest from speciality buyers for quality, traceable coffees. His farm is focused on just that.

A medium bodied coffee with great balance.

Sweet stone fruit, jasmine and marzipan.

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Farm – Haider Abamecha
Altitude – 1800 – 2000 masl
Location – Limu, Western Ethiopia.
Variety – Various heirloom coffees
Harvest – November – February
Process – Washed and sun-dried. Processing involves traditional disc de-pulping followed by a 72 hour fermentation and 18 hour soak. Coffee is sun dried for 7-10 days on raised African beds.

Certification – Organic

A medium bodied coffee with great balance.

Sweet stone fruit, jasmine and marzipan.

Ethiopia is widely regarded as the birth place of coffee. The legend of Kaldi, the goat herder that allegedly discovered the effects of the bright red cherries growing wild in the Ethiopian forest, is pervasive. The legend likely bears some resemblance to the truth despite the dramatization added in the telling of the tale. The fact that Coffee is native to Ethiopia is indisputable and this becomes clear when one walks into the famous forest coffee plantations. Growing happily amongst the native forest are the healthiest and happiest coffee trees you’ll see anywhere in the world. Organic production is widespread in Ethiopia where in many countries this is completely unviable due to pervasive disease. It may be the diversity afforded by the forest growing environment slows the spread of disease. There are many contributing factors to the uniqueness of Ethiopian coffee from the growing systems to the diversity of varieties. The result is a country filled with coffee that is some of the best quality in the world.

Haider Abamecha has been in the coffee industry his entire life. Slowly growing his businesses over the years, Haider purchased this farm 7 years ago, realising the growing interest from specialty buyers for traceable quality coffees. The total land area of the farm is just shy of 1000 hectares with 532 hectares now in full production and certification with a further 400 hectares under development. The farm is located in a part of Limu that primarily consists of native forest reserve. Haider has maintained the natural feel of the forest by thinning the original land enough to allow adequate light through to the coffee. The diversity of birdlife, visible pig tracks and the prevalence of Colombus monkey’s crashing through the trees is proof that the impact on the natural environment is minimal.


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