Colombia - El Rubi

Producer - Heiner and Johanna Lazo, Finca El Rubi
RegionAcevedo, Huila
ProcessDry fermented. Washed and sun-dried
Varietal - Pink Bourbon

Finca El Rubi is owned by husband and wife team Heiner and Johanna Lazo who have grown coffee on their farm for over 25 years. Over the years Heiner hasn’t ever stopped innovating. He has adapted and changed the farm’s processing methods to improve results, and is currently working with temperature controlled and anaerobic fermentation. 

Three years ago the Lazos began to replace the existing Caturra, Colombia and Castillo plants with more exotic varietals; confident that their skill and experience would get good results. 

On the farm they now have a variety called papayo (named after the papaya fruit), SL28 and around 7,500 Pink Bourbon trees. We were drawn to the Bourbon: Pink Bourbons have higher levels of glucose which is thought to help give the coffee in the cup a more delicate, soft and complex profile; the coffee from El Rubi is a stunning example.

Heiner takes great care in the selection of this coffee, ensuring it's collected at the optimum point of ripeness before pulping and dry fermenting over night. The following day the coffee is sun dried for 7 -10 days until the moisture content is reduced to between 10 and 11 %.

Our tasting notes: Jasmine florals with peach, apricot and a creamy honey body.