Producer - Cafe Granja La Esperanza
Region - Trujillo, Valle de Cauca
Process - Washed and patio dried.
VarietalCaturra, Colombia, Mandela

The award winning Cafe Granja produce some of the most exciting coffees to come out of Colombia and we’re thrilled to be working with this fantastic producer again.

Our tasting notes: Apple, brown sugar and caramel. Clean and balanced - this is a great all-round drinker.

The family behind Cafe Granja La Esperanza have farmed in Valle de Cauca for over 75 years; It was back in 1945 when Blanca ligia Correa and Juan Antonia Herrera originally started at their first farm, Potosi. The family are now well known for their competition-winning lots and have been pioneers in quality and innovation for many years.

In the late 90's they moved production to organic methods and in 2007 Rigoberto Herrera leased and managed a farm in the Boquete region of Panama. Twelve months later his crop was placed first in the Best Coffee Of Panama competition. At this point he decided to bring some of the Geisha seeds back to Colombia ... it's not surprising to learn that Cafe Granja describe themselves as growers of ultra-specialty coffee!

Cafe Granja now have a total of five farms in Valle de Cauca; this particular coffee comes from La Esperanza, their first organic farm. Situated in the Trujillo municipality, Esperanza is their second largest farm; you will often see the farmhouse on the estate used in the promotoinal pictures for La Granja, with its picturesque U-shaped house surrounding the central courtyard.

We’re excited to be sharing this washed coffee which contains one of the newer varietals that have come from these producers, Mandela.