Producer - Cencoic Co-op 
Region - Toribio, Cauca
Process - Washed
Varietal - Caturra, Castillo
Tacueyo was Produced by a group of growers farming in the region of Cauca, south west Colombia. 
Sitting next to Tolima and Huila, Cauca is close to the equator and enjoys perfect altitude and the protection of the surrounding mountains - providing a stable micro-climate all year round.
Our tasting notes: 

Apple, toffee and blackberry. Tacueyo is a syrupy and balanced cup - a wonderful coffee!

Tacueyó has been sourced from the Cencoic co-op, based in Toribio, Cauca. 

Coffees are collected and taken to the beneficio, where they undergo flotation, pulping and fermentation for between fourteen and eighteen hours. The beans are then washed in fresh water and dried under parabolic driers or on patios for between eight and fifteen days.

Founded in 2012 Cencoic now has a membership of around 500 families; over time the co-op has continually improved their coffee production, allowing them greater control over quality.

The association also does environmental work and finances housing and education initiatives for their members. Individual producers are encouraged to make long term investments through development plans that focus on strengthening their production and improving quality.