Producer - Gilberto Baraona at Los Pirinneos
Altitude - 1200 -1500 MASL
Varietal - Bourbon
Harvest - October- January
Process - Washed and dry-fermented. Soaked and sun-dried.
Known as “the land of volcanoes,” El Salvador is the smallest Central American country, but it's reputation among specialty-coffee-growing regions has grown larger-than-life. We have sourced from this origin for several years now, but this is the first time we have purchased coffee from the lesser known Chalatenango region, which has higher altitudes and a slightly cooler climate than Santa Ana to the south.

Sitting on the top side of Chalatenango's Tecapa Volcano, Gilberto Baraona’s farm, Los Pirineos, has been in his family since 1880. The farm holds the largest coffee seed bank in the country - with over 69 varieties it's an important resource for the wider specialty coffee industry of El Salvador. Gilberto is constantly testing and exploring new options for unique cup character and quality and has worked with the non-profit World Coffee Research for several years. Being a fifteen times winner of El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence, the coffee grown at Los Pirineos is pretty good too!


Cultivated in the incredibly rich volcanic soils, this coffee is then harvested by hand, screened for floaters before being pulped and then fermented for 12 - 24 hours in tiled tanks without water. Next Gilbero soaks the coffee in water for a further 24 hours. Finally the coffee is sun-dried on raised beds for 7 days. With a mill on-site, Gilberto is able to monitor every stage of production.