Dark chocolate and treacle sweetness. Rich and sumptuous.

The best Sumatran coffee is well known for its complexity and depth of body and these qualities are in abundance in the coffees produced at Jagong village, where we have sourced coffee from for the past five seasons.

Farm – Jagong village, part of the Gayo Megah Berseri co-operative
Altitude – 1600 – 1800
Location – Between Takengon and Lake Tawar in Aceh provence
Variety – Mainly Bourbon and P88
Harvest – September – December
Process – Semi-washed

Certification – Fair Trade and Organic

Medium roasted with lots of body, providing rich and sumptuous dark chocolate flavours, with treacle sweetness.

Jagong village is situated at an altitude of around 1,600 metres above sea level, where the rich and fertile soils bring about coffees that are unrivalled in their depth of body and have fascinating complexity – possibly due to the way that the beans are processed. The coffee is semi washed and wet-hulled, a process that involves the part-drying of freshly pulped beans before removing the parchment then allowing the swollen and ‘blanched’ beans to be sun dried to a deep green colour. This process is characteristic of Sumatran coffees and gives the green beans a delightfully unique aroma and appearance.