The La Marzocco Strada was designed with user-intuitive function in mind, and the AV model’s features only further this vision by creating a higher output, higher consistency focus in the Strada’s operation. 

The ABR model is that which adds a failsafe and consistency to the same quality of espresso you can expect to brew from the EP, but also adds the extra key quality control measure that the AV does not allow for in its system – the weight of your brewed coffee. What’s great is that the ABR still uses the simple button layout as the AV does, and still allows you to program repeatable recipes for each need that you may have. As with the EP, it includes pre-infusion for brewing, which minimises the impact of any human error on your cup quality, and increases evenness of flavour extraction.

With this feature being fully controllable too, you can achieve the highest levels of coffee flavour extraction using digital assistance, without excessive waste of coffee. That’s a big win, and even bigger when you know the espresso brewing (not just the barista’s preparation of it) has damage limitation built into it too by putting a limit on the volume of water that goes past the coffee in your brewing basket.

What does it mean to you? It means your espressos are never accidentally a little too full in the cup, nor will they accidentally be misjudged and stopped where their volume may be a little low in the cup. All of that simply means a higher likelihood of success at any level of output, whatever that success is characterised by for your coffee recipes.