Whether you’re upgrading or just starting to grind and brew at home, the Wilfa Uniform will help you get consistently great tasting coffee at home.

Most coffee grinders at this price point use conical burrs; these are great, and more affordable to manufacture but they tend to produce a less even grind distribution.

With 58mm stainless steel flat burrs, the Uniform brings precision grinding and super-even extraction for great tasting coffee. The slow motor speed minimises heat contact and once the beans have run through, the grinder switches itself off.  

The grinder is primarily designed with filter coffee in mind but the burrs are able to grind fine enough for espresso making this an excellent all round grinder.

  • 41 settings: from coarse to espresso
  • 58 mm large flat burr for even grinding
  • Metal container for less static coffee
  • Automatic stop sensor when coffee beans is empty
  • Stainless steel colour