Colombia - Dos Guadales


Mario and Dora Duque have farmed at Dos Guaduales for over 10 years.

The coffee comprises Castillo and Caturra trees; this micro-lot is made up of the choice picks of cherry from their 1300 Caturra plants. 

The result - an exceptional example of Colombian coffee. 

Our tasting notes: Blackcurrant and lemon with brown sugar and a sweet caramel body.

Producer -  Mario and Dora Duque,
working with the Manizales Cooperative. 
Altitude - 
1700 MASL
Varietal - 
Harvest -
 February - April
Process - Washed and sun-dried

Farming in their quiet and picturesque corner of the Caldas region means, like many small holds in Colombia, they have to take care of every aspect of coffee production.

Once the coffee has been harvested it is then pulped and fermented in tiled tanks for approximately 12-16 hours. After this the coffee is then dried on the patio for 8 - 15 days, depending on the weather. Their beneficio, where they pulp and ferment the cherry, is located in the centre of the farm house; the drying patios are on the roof. Finally the dried and rested parchment is delivered to their local co-operative for milling.