Located on the slopes of Poas volcano, Las Lajas is both a farm and a mill, allowing the Chacon family complete control over quality. Their 'Perla Negra' natural processing method produces unusually delicate natural coffees that we have fallen in love with ...

Tasting Notes: Papaya and blueberry notes lead to a roasted lemon acidity on the finish.


Located on the slopes of the Poas volcano in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, Las Lajas is one of six farms owned and run by the Chacon Solano brothers and their families. Each brother has their own farm, making up a total of 60 hectares of coffee plantation. 
The Chacóns have farmed at Las Lajas for over 80 years and three generations. The current generation is headed by Oscar and Francisca Chacón, they began farming organically around 30 years ago and in 2000 became one of only a handful of farms in Costa Rica to be officially certified organic. The family strives not only to farm in an environmentally and socially responsible way, but also to produce coffee of the highest quality. Oscar and Francisca run the farm at Las Lajas, it’s here that coffee from all of the family farms is also processed and milled.
We have selected a stunning natural lot of coffee from Las Lajas; Oscar and Francisca's rigorous standards and strict control over processing mean they are able to produce unusually delicate and consistent natural coffees and this one really stands out. Their ‘Perla Negra’ natural method uses only the ripest and most perfect cherries; once they arrive at the mill they will be soaked in clean water to remove any debris or dirt. They are then immediately delivered to African style drying beds where they are turned and slowly dried for between 18 and 22 days. Due to the exacting demands of the process, a maximum of 10% of the farm’s annual production is processed as Perla Negra.