Producer: Gora village smallholders
Altitude: 2100 - 2300 MASL
Varietal: Gibirinna, Serto
Harvest: April - July
Process: Natural preparation.
Certification Organic 

Ethiopia … where do we start? Amazing flavour range and quality that can be truly exceptional - an origin we fall in love with every year.

Our tasting notes:
Blueberry, lemon and dark chocolate.
Complex acidity with a long finish and buttery mouthfeel. 

Guji ‘Gora’ has been produced by a group of twenty growers from Gora village; each farmer has around 2.5 hectares of land dedicated to coffee growing. Working with Ture Waji, AKA the coffee king of Guji, the Gora farmers have been mentored on their agronomy practice and post-harvest processing, all helping improve the quality of their crop and the results in the cup are very special ...

Until three years ago, Ethiopian coffee was mainly traded through the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange (ECX). There, coffees were brought in as regional blends and auctioned off to the highest bidder, leading to coffee drinkers becoming familiar with particular regions and flavour characteristics; for example Sidamo, Limu or Yirgacheffe. 

Within Ethiopia the Guji Highlands is a region we’ve championed for several seasons; this relatively young (but already famous) coffee area is recognised for its unique and distinctive cup profiles. Elevation here is an incredible 2100 to 2350 metres above sea level and even at these altitudes the landscape is lush forest jungle. We’re thrilled to be returning to Guji...