Haru is a Honey Processed coffee from a co-operative based near to Yirgacheffe town. The coffee has been produced by a group of smallholder farmers, living in and around the village of Haru, in a very rural area close to the border of Oromia. 

This year the co-operative have worked hard to make some incredible washed, natural and honey-processed lots - we're excited to share this wonderful example of one of their honey processed coffees with you.

Our tasting notes: Black Cherry and Caramel. Bags of sweetness with a layered stone fruit acidity, all packed into a creamy-textured body.

Farm – Haru Co-operative
Altitude – 1995 – 2020 masl
Location – Yirgacheffe, Guji Zone, Southern Ethiopia
Variety – Various heirloom coffees; Dega, Kudhume, Wolisho
Harvest – November – February
Process – Honey processed. 

At the Haru washing station there are 80 drying beds to hold the incoming harvest. Each bed has its own code, allowing the farmers to control and track the processing status of their crop more accurately; it also means they can turnaround coffee more efficiently, whilst keeping traceability of individual lots.

Traceability is something that is becoming more and more a part of processing in Ethiopia, allowing individual growers’ quality to be recognised and rewarded.