Mahlkonig Coffee Grinders

Mahlkonig have been manufacturing professional grinders for over 85 years …

Excelling in quality and dependability, Mahlkonig grinders are built by real engineers and are undoubtedly some of the best coffee grinders in the world.

The Right Equipment

For coffee shops we highly recommend any of the Mahlkonig K30 grinders – they are quick and efficient with a fantastic build quality. The on-demand dosing is very accurate and this grinder makes dialling in your espresso significantly easier with its capability for small and accurate grind adjustments.

For batch brew, filter coffee or guest espresso the Mahlkonig EK43 is a very versatile grinder.

We use Mahlkonig grinders every day – for brewing, cupping and pouring espresso they’re our go-to grinders for their consistency and reliability. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Commercial Equipment Sales