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Tasting Notes:

Pineapple, dark chocolate and rum. Creamy body.

Both a washing station and a farm, Mpanga is managed by Jean-Clement Birabereye, a 15-year coffee veteran. Renowned for producing consistently clean and complex coffees, Mpanga has achieved incredible results at the Burundi cup of Excellence.

Mpanga 1661 is a naturally processed micro-lot, with wonderfully fruity flavours and a creamy body.

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Tasting Notes: Pineapple and dark chocolate. Boozy with a creamy body.

Farm – Mpanga
Altitude – 1780 – 1950 MASL
Location – Kayanza Province, North Burundi.
Variety – Red Bourbon
Harvest – March – July 
Process – Natural preparation

Although it has faced many challenges along the way, Burundi is quickly gaining a reputation for outstanding coffee.  The best micro-lots have great character, structured acidity, and plenty of sparkle.
Previously the government’s involvement as an owner and operator of washing stations has hampered visibility and transparency, but in recent years this has started to change. The number of privately owned mills has increased, more smallholders are producing high-quality coffees and are now able to be rewarded with specialty coffee prices. 
Mpanga 1661 is both the name of the farm and of the washing station managed by Jean-Clement Birabereye. Jean-Clement has been involved in coffee for over 15 years and his work showcases the quality that Burundi can offer. Mpanga has achieved incredible results at the Burundi Cup of Excellence, finishing 1st and 3rd in the competition.
The top performing coffees from the station are kept separate as micro-lots, we’re thrilled to be sharing two of these with you this year. Mpanga lot 1661 is a naturally processed micro-lot that has been produced at the station’s own farm. With fruity flavours and creamy body the coffee really stood out  on the cupping table.


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