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Tasting Notes:

Sweet melon & green apple acidity, caramel and hazelnut body.

Monte Bonito is a small settlement on the slopes of the Cerro Bravo. 

‘Bonito’ is a small lot of coffee selected for us by the Manizales Co-operative, it’s a great example of the quality this region offers.

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Farm – Manizales Co-operative
Altitude – 1700 MASL
Location – Cerro Brava, Caldas
Variety – Colombia and Castillo
Harvest – January – March 
Process – Washed and sun-dried


Monte Bonito is a small settlement on the slopes of the Cerro Bravo; the town follows many of the traditions of the campesinos that inhabited the High Andes of this part of Colombia.

Coffee growers from the surrounding area typically farm between 1 and 3 hectares; each farmer takes control of all aspects of the harvest themselves – asking for help from their neighbours when needed. 

During the harvest the coffee is picked, de-pulped and left to ferment for between 16 and 18 hours. The following  day the coffee will be washed, ready for drying. Some of the producers have ‘eldas’ – drying beds on the roof of the house; others ‘carros quindianos’ – drying beds on a shelving system. Typically the coffee is dried for between 10 and 14 days, depending on the weather.

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