Producer - Juan Martin Taquinas
Region - Toribio, Cauca
Process - Washed
Varietal - Caturra, Castillo

This micro lot from Juan Martin Taquinas was grown near Toribio in the Tacueyo reservation of southern Cauca, Colombia.

Taquina was selected by the Cencoic co-operative for their 1-2-1 project. 1-2-1 highlights the very best coffees from the region and connects single farmers with single roasters. 

Juan Martin’s 1.4 hectare lot produced just 7 sacks of coffee, we’ve been lucky enough to buy the entire crop.

Our tasting notes:

Showcasing notes of apple, toffee and chocolate; a fifteen hour fermentation brings out the juicy and sweet character of this special coffee.


Sitting next to Tolima and Huila, Cauca is close to the equator and enjoys perfect altitude and the protection of the surrounding mountains - providing a stable micro-climate all year round.

Juan Martin is a long-term member of the Cencoic co-operative. Cencoic are a collective of indigenous growers in the Cauca region who export their own coffee. Years of armed conflict in the region have now given way to a more stable and peaceful time allowing Cencoic to flourish in this remote area of Colombia.

Cencoic has seen steady growth over the last 5 years as more and more families from farming communities in their native geographical reserves are producing the right quality for export. The typical farmer in the cooperative has around 1 hectare of coffee growing land at an average altitude of around 1800 masl.