El Cabuyo is the name of Adriano Pillimue’s mountainside farm near Inza in the region of Cauca, Southern Colombia.

Adriano has around 500 coffee plants - all of them caturra trees; he’s been growing coffee here for 18 years - we’re thrilled to be sharing this amazing micro-lot with you.

Our tasting notes:

Pear, raisin and fig with hazelnut cream and dark chocolate. 

Producer - Adriano Pillimue at Finca El Cabuy
Region - Inza, Cauca
Process - Washed with a 20-40 hr fermentation, sun-dried
Varietal - Caturra

El Cabuyo comprises just one hectare of land planted with around 500 coffee plants. Once harvested the cherries are pulped and fermented for between 20-40 hours, depending on the conditions that day. After this the coffee will be washed and sun-dried for between 8 and 15 days.

We sourced this coffee with the help of the Asorcafe co-operative who have been working out of Pedegral, Inza, since 2003. 

We’re thrilled to be able to share this amazing micro-lot with you.