Our latest Seasonal Decaf is a sweet and well balanced regional blend from Huila, Colombia. This coffee shows us just how good decaf can taste ...

Our tasting notes: Citrus, Chocolate and Hazelnut. Balanced and sweet.

A really versatile coffee – tastes great as a filter and is equally at home when brewed as espresso.

Producers -  Regional Selection from Huila
Altitude - 1200 - 2100 MASL
Varietal - Castillo, Caturra, Colombia 
Harvest - January - April
Process - Washed. SugarCane Decaf process.

We get incredible feedback on our decaf, this one's so good we don't think you'd know it was decaffeinated if it wasn't on the label! 

The coffee has been decaffeinated using the Sugarcane E.A. process, which retains exceptional flavour while using natural extraction methods. Locally grown sugarcane is fermented to produce Ethyl Acetate compounds. Green (unroasted) coffee is steamed then soaked in water with the EAs which remove the caffeine. The water is drained and the coffee is rinsed, re-steamed (to remove any traces of the EAs) then sent to us here for roasting.