Our sourcing partners Daye Bensa are a community enterprise working in Ethiopia. This coffee is named after the Bombe Mountains; home to the farmers who grow and contribute cherry to this specially prepared micro-lot.

Harvested at a staggering 2300 MASL the coffee is then shade-dried on raised beds placed under the forest canopy, this creates a slow and gradual drying period which lasts around 25 days. During this time the coffee on the table is hand-turned every 15 minutes to ensure even drying and consistent quality.

The natural preparation delivers creamy, fruit-forward deliciousness!

Our tasting notes:

Raspberry yogurt, tropical orange. Sweet and creamy with a long finish.

Producer - Daye Bensa at Kontema Station, Bombe
Region - Bombe village, Sidama
Altitude - 2100-2300 MASL
Process - Natural Preparation
Varietal - Heirloom Varieties