Our tasting notes:

Cola, cocoa, lime. Full bodied and balanced with a burnt sugar finish.

Producer -Mutheka Farmers at Kaiguri
Altitude - 1750 MASL
Location: Nyeri district; Mount Kenya.
Variety - SL28, SL34 
Harvest - March - May

Process - Two-stage fermentation. Washed, soaked and sun-dried. Two-stage drying process.

More on Kaiguri ...

Situated in Nyeri, to the west of Mount Kenya,  Kaiguri coffee station work with around 500 small holders through their partnership with the Mutheka Farmers Co-operative Society.

Kenya can deliver wonderfully sweet coffees, with vibrant acidity and amazing flavour - this coffee has these qualities in abundance!

After harvesting ripe cherry, farmers deliver their coffee to Kaiguri where it’s de-pulped using water from the Gura river. Kaiguri station has an environmental as well as a quality focus, using soaking pits to manage waste water and help safeguard the local eco-system. Growers working with the co-operative also have an active program to plant shade trees and farm a range of other crops which helps bio-diversity.

Coffee production in Kenya has reduced significantly over the past few decades; with annual production down by as much as 70% since the 1980’s so we appreciate what this part of East Africa can offer more and more.