The Mahlkönig Peak is notably similar in build to the K30 range, though is designed for a different purpose than the K30. It is designed for a lower output range, generally found to be effective at up to 10kg coffee served per week. We recommend it for usage environments that must keep to narrow ranges of brewing tolerances for espresso, for example where the ambient environment is painstakingly inconsistent, or where the roasted coffee in use demands an extremely narrow range of extraction times in service. For tighter needs in tolerances for actual extraction percentages and TDS readings, this grinder may help to mitigate fluctuations for users too with the features below being added to mitigate typically seen inconsistencies in grinding.

In the Peak, we find 80mm burrs, and double the ventilation for the grind chamber, allowing quicker and more effective cooling for the area most susceptible to heat build-up. This is essentially twice the cooling power found in a K30 Air, but not exactly twice the effectiveness. It does guarantee that in use lower than 3 shots per minute, that the effect of heat build-up in the grind chamber is slow to non-existent. This generally correlates with less static clumping particles together, and more consistent dosing as a by-product.

You’ll also see the same benefits that the K30 range offers (explained above too) such as: intuitive adjustments of dose time and particle size using the handy wheel and screen on the front (no need to access lengthy menu hierarchies in the programming to do the important work). Don’t forget that you’ll also still achieve the workflow benefit of hands-free grinding with the Peak too due to it being built with the same portafilter holder as a K30. Another important benefit of the Peak is the wear-resistant premium cast steel blades that typically last a while longer than others (this is still dependent on degree of roast used, bean density, and overall coffee output though). They are marketed as having a lessened settling-in effect than other burrs, though this is yet to be compared by us personally, and we tend to find that most users of a Peak are proficient in maintaining dose accuracy and extraction times, regardless of the age of their grinding blades!