Guevara is a small lot of coffee from El Shimir, Fredy Guevara's small holding in Northern Peru. 

A focus on quality has seen his coffee placed in the ‘Cup of Excellence’ top 10 for the last 2 years running and this year’s crop is another example of just how good coffee from Peru can be.

Our tasting notes: Lemon upfront, notes of vanilla and chocolate with a long finish and creamy body


Fredy Bermeo Guevara has been farming at his small Finca, El Shimir, for around 15 years. Located in San Pedro de Churuyacu, Tabacones - a region that has long been regarded as one of the best growing areas in Northern Peru, with a very high acidity cup profile. 

This lot has been sourced through our partners at Falcon Coffee, through their Blueprint model. Falcon have a dedicated warehouse in Jaen through which they are able to buy coffee parchment directly from producers. This approach has allowed them to forge long-term relationships directly with farmers, improve the coffee quality we can offer and increase producer household income through access to quality premiums.


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