La Huaca is a village in the Huabal district of Jaen province in Cajamarca, Northern Peru. Spanning two mountains the area is very humid and wet, with nutrient rich soils that are a deep red colour; all contributing to the diverse and delicious cup profiles we find here. 

This lot of coffee has been produced by a group of smallholders based in and around La Huaca village, each farmer has between 1 and 3 hectares of land where they pick and process their coffee themselves. 

Once picked, cherries are de-pulped and fermented for around 24 hours, usually in bags - very few producers in La Huaca have fermentation tanks. After fermentation the coffee is washed and placed on patios to dry; it takes a little longer than average to dry coffee here, normally around 20 days.

Sourcing in Peru

Falcon Speciality are our partners in Jaen, they have been working directly with farmers in this area of Peru for several years, allowing for greater control and improvement on quality. Full financial traceability helps us to pay higher prices for the top quality coffees, ensuring producers receive a fair price that is significantly above the market price.  

Falcon's Simon Brown is now based full-time in Jaen, where Falcon have an incredible set up including a purpose-built warehouse, complete with in-house cupping lab, an agronomist, and a Quality Control team.

Simon has been instrumental in working with producers to improve processing methods and this year’s lots are a real triumph. Despite a difficult year due to the pandemic, the quality from the 2020 harvest has been fantastic and we are delighted to showcase the coffee from La Huaca and celebrate the growers’ achievements on an international stage. 

Anyone looking to learn more can re-visit our interview with Simon from 2018, a link to the post is below:

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