Shelf Life: A guide to our new packaging.

Shelf Life: A guide to our new packaging.

By Mark Chislett

Shelf Life: A guide to our new packaging.

This year we’ve been renewing and improving our commitment to sustainability. 

From wholesale through to retail; roastery to coffee shop - we’ve been working hard to make every part of our business more sustainable.

Here we take a closer look at our new coffee bags.

When we started reviewing our packaging, one thing we realised pretty quickly was that there was no simple solution ...

We talked with several manufacturers, receiving samples of a wide range of potential solutions. Fast forward through countless e-mails, phone conversations and product specs and our research eventually led us to a company called Grounded Packaging. 

Right from the start it was clear that Grounded recognised the complex nature of making truly sustainable packaging. We now have a packaging solution that avoids the use of fossil fuels, is carbon negative from production and uses plant based materials that are highly recyclable.

Here are the key features of our new packaging …


Plantmade: Made from Sugarflex, a new material that is carbon negative and made from sugarcane.



This bag saves: A focus on positive impact, not just offsetting negative outcomes. Every package produced sees the removal of the equivalent weight of ocean plastic as well as supporting initiatives to decarbonise the planet.


Recyclable: Our Sugarflex bags can go into either polyethylene stream #2 or #4 or a drop-off soft plastics collection stream. Due to its inert nature if Sugarflex ends up in landfill it gradually reforms into biogenic carbon instead of generating greenhouse gas emissions.



Carbon Neutral: Due to a combination of the production technique and the raw materials used incorporating a high percentage of renewable plant-based content our bags have a negative carbon footprint !