Colombia Suukala

Colombia Suukala

Sweet and deliciously layered - Suukala showcases the qualities we love to find in the best Colombian coffees. Complementing the classic flavour notes there’s extra complexity and a long lasting finish ...
Producer - Asorcafe Smallholders
Region - Macizo Colombiano, Inza, Cauca
Process - Washed and sun dried
Varietal - Colombia, Caturra, Castillo
Our tasting notes:

Sweet and juicy, notes of mandarin and blackcurrant; velvety body with chocolate and a long creamy finish.

Our partners Siruma have sourced this coffee from growers in the Macizo Colombiano, a mountainous area that stretches over the states of Cauca, Tolima and Huila, in the west of Colombia. The area forms a plateau that is rich with volcanic soil and abundant with water. 

The coffee growers here are part of the Asorcafe co-operative, based in and around the towns of Inza and Pedegral. Members typically cultivate their coffee at around 2100M, on small plots of around 2 hectares.

As is typical in Colombia the coffees in this lot were selectively hand-harvested and then processed using the washed method at each farm’s ‘micro-beneficio’ before being delivered to Asorcafe where they were selected by cup quality and profile to make up this specially prepared micro-lot.