If the name Mahlkonig hadn't already crowned the company as the “King of Grinders”, then this grinder, the famous EK43 has done.

The EK43 shot to fame in the barista community for its extremely accurate particle distribution. For all of your on-demand grinding needs, it’s hard to look past the EK43!

The 98mm flat-burr set will make light work of any volume of coffee you need to throw at it without losing quality. This grinder also provides you with the flexibility to grind for both espresso and traditional cupping grind-settings, as well as all stops in between (drip, filter, batch, French press, Turkish, the list goes on!)

As you might tell from its build, it is also suitable for grinding kilos and kilos of retail coffee for your customers to take home, or for larger-scale brewing needs.

It is an industrial use grinder, and performs that way. Our only hitch is that it does require user alignment for achieving optimum results, though this is not a complex process. The burrs are a huge 98mm in diameter, so dosing is fast and grinding is speedy, even with a full kilo bag in the hopper at the top. We don’t recommend grinding large quantities of coffee as you’ll still lose a lot of flavour matter by doing so due to the immediacy of ageing to follow the grinding. However, with the EK43 the uniformity of ground particle size will be tremendously consistent and repeatable for making brewing scenarios easy to maintain.

We use EK43 grinders ourselves and would be happy to demonstrate their benefits for you at our Coffee Shop and Roastery at. Get in touch if you'd like to know more.