This coffee is from a group of farmers based in and around the village of Gombe, a settlement on Bukyabo Mountain, in the Sironko District of Eastern Uganda. 

The coffee cherry for the micro-lot we have selected had a special preparation: After the pulp and soak the coffee went through a signature 40 hour fermentation, using filtered mountain water; the additional processing steps have helped to get the very best out of this carefully picked crop.

Our tasting notes:

Notes of peach, blackberry and milk chocolate - a wonderfully clean and sweet cup.

Producer - The Coffee Gardens
Region - Bukyabo, Sironko District
Altitude - 1870 - 1950 MASL
Process - Washed, soaked, 40 hr fermentation
Varietal - SL14, SL28 & Nyasaland
This is a new coffee relationship for us, sourced through The Coffee Gardens, a social enterprise that have been working in Uganda since 2017. They're focused on community projects, organic agriculture, coffee quality and environmental conservation - we’re excited to start a partnership with them.