Staff Stories // Viktorie

Staff Stories // Viktorie

By Mark Chislett

Staff Stories // Viktorie

Coffee with Viktorie

If you’ve ever visited the roastery to enjoy a coffee or pick up some fresh-roasted beans, there’s a good chance you’ll have been served by Viktorie; she’s been a part of the Method Coffee Roasters family for nearly two years now.

As well as being one of our front-of-house coffee shop heroes, over the past year Viktorie has also worked with the ‘roast and pack’ team, started to assist with our QC processes and is now learning to roast coffee with Tre too! 

Sound impressive? What’s even more impressive is that Viktorie finds time to be a full-time student at Worcester University and is a dedicated athlete too! We love her enthusiasm and ever-positive outlook and she’s become a key member of our wonderful team.

Read on to find out more about the coffee-brewing, bean-roasting, javelin-throwing Viktorie!

Words by Viktorie

I first came across Method Coffee Roasters … visiting my boyfriend in Worcester, back in 2019. Of course I loved the coffee, the space and everything about it! After discovering this place every time I visited Worcester I always made sure to call in.

I’m now a full time student studying Sports Science at Worcester University.  I like to push myself and see what I can achieve, so I enjoy the discipline of athletics. I also enjoy running and being a part of the Cross-Fit gym but my passion in athletics is the Javelin.

When you’re competing I think It’s important to be relaxed. Sometimes you can over - prepare. My proudest moment so far as an athlete was at the Dukla stadium in Prague, where I won the bronze medal after competing in the Czech Republic Under 21 national competitions. My main focus now is preparing for April 2022 when the regional competitions start up again.

I’m very passionate about hospitality. It’s important to make people feel welcome and create a nice experience. Sharing a cup of coffee when you’re catching up with a friend … in a nice atmosphere - it can be such an enjoyable thing! It’s nice to be a part of that. I know the kind of service I like, so I try to give that kind of welcome to our customers.

Apart from my Dad’s super-strong instant coffees at home (more fuel than flavour) … I guess my first coffee experience was probably Starbucks (!) A lot has changed since then!!!

As a barista I understand how my work influences the flavour a cup of coffee has - making sure every drink tastes great takes care and attention. Since I’ve started getting more involved in the roastery, I’ve also been able to appreciate what happens behind the scenes. Learning more about the different flavours we find in coffee and how the roasting process is another influence on what we experience in the cup. 

I love the processes and rituals that are connected with coffee. Since I’ve been working with Method Coffee Roasters I’ve started to enjoy my coffee black more often. My go-to drink at home is the trusty V60 pour over: Four minutes when you can just focus on making a delicious coffee. When I’m working in the coffee shop I’ll normally go for a short black. I like mine extra-short, for a more intense flavour!