ChuCho Blend


ChuCho - The ever-faithful brew; bringing full bodied chocolate and citrus notes, good sweetness and mellow acidity. 

The seasonal components of this blend celebrate the coffees of Central and South America. 

The name for the blend was inspired by our sourcing trips to these amazing growing regions. We would often hear coffee farmers greet their dogs as ‘Chucho’ - a playful nickname that seemed perfect for our four legged friends. 

Created using speciality coffees from fantastic producers, our ChuCho blend comes from single estates and farms, always fully traceable and sustainably sourced. 

ChuCho is suitable for all brew methods.

ChuCho currently comprises coffees form Daterra estate in Minas Gerais Brazil, Finca San Ernesto from Urrutia estate in Santa Ana El Salvador and the El Roja’s family farm in San Ignacio, Peru.