Hario Mini-Slim PRO Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder


Key Features

  • Adjustable conical ceramic burrs
  • Durable stainless steel black body
  • 30-gram ground coffee capacity

The Hario Mini-Slim Pro coffee grinder is the upgraded version of the very popular Mini Mill hand grinder and will make a real difference to the quality of the coffee you make at home or in your office.

Budget electronic grinders are often blade-type spice grinders, these give a very uneven particle size which means that some of the ground coffee particles will be small, and some will be large – resulting in very uneven extraction.

The Hario hand grinders use a conical burr system, meaning the particle size is very even and can easily be adjusted to suit your personal brew method. (e.g. course for cafetiere, medium for pour-over etc.)

The Mini-Slim Pro includes easy grind adjustment, a lidded hopper, and a removable grounds bin.

Full Features

  • Modern design, durable stainless steel black body
  • Reinforced hexagonal adapter with die-cast aluminium handle to increase static loads and reduce wear.
  • Optimised for effortless grinding of coffee beans (30 grams), providing a constant grind for a perfectly fresh coffee.
  • Transparent cover with silicone grip
  • Dimensions are 79W x 112H x 183L (mm)
  • Weighs 400 grams 
  • Ideal for use with the V60, Aeropress and more.