Mahlkonig K30 AIR

Mahlkonig K30 AIR


The K30 Air is our recommended choice for this range of models, as it includes a built-in cooling fan to ventilate and regulate temperature in the grinding chamber. This is key to leaving your coffee quality consistent during the natural flow of service in your brewing environment, leaving you less affected by humidity changes, static build-up and ambient temperature alterations.

The user intuitive design of the K30 Air is also a great advantage to it over other espresso grinders. Adjustment of dose time is simple and requires less than 3 seconds of time, and no fiddling. Adjustment of coarseness and fineness is easily done too, leaving you without puzzling screens and menu controls to get the important grinder adjustments done. It also locks your portafilter into its holder meaning hands-free grinding, too. Great for optimising workflow.

The burrs are large at 65mm, and the dosing is as fast as we’ve ever seen from an espresso grinder. 17g doses for specialty grade coffee brewing (at light roast degrees) can be dispensed in as little as 4 seconds. Yes, it may produce a little clumping and excess static, but if it saved you 3-4 seconds on your workflow overall, you lock in more of the volatile aromas that leave coffee in the first seconds after grinding.