Seasonal Decaf Subscription


This coffee shows us just how good decaf can taste; a sweet and well balanced blend from HueHuetenango, Guatemala.

Our tasting notes: Citrus, Chocolate and Hazelnut. Balanced and sweet.

A really versatile coffee – tastes great as a filter and is equally at home when brewed as espresso. 

Producers -  Roger Hernandez, Jorge Cifuentes, Isaias Fermin, Denin de Leon, Mireily Villaroro, Candelaria Clara and Mynor Cano 
Altitude - 1550 - 1650 MASL
Varietal - Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon 
Harvest - January - April
Process - Washed. Co2 Decaf process.
Huehue Seven’s, our new Seasonal Decaf. A regional blend, with all the coffees used scoring between 84 and 85 points. Comprising seven top quality lots, from seven different small-scale producers, this is a really great decaf coffee with full transparency and traceability to each producer. 
The washed coffees have been sourced from the Huehuetenango area of Guatemala - our favourite region, with its high altitudes helping develop complex flavours. This year some of the larger lots produced by growers we had sourced from previously weren’t strong enough to stand on their own as Single Origin coffees. These same farms had some fantastic smaller lots that stood out - really great coffees, just not enough quantity to make the processing viable. 
Our partners at origin were able to purchase and blend seven smaller lots of coffee in order to give these farmers an opportunity to use the extra income to re-invest in their farm and wet mills. We hope that, with some of these improvements, next year they will produce wonderful coffees in larger quantities that can be featured as single origin lots.